Chit Chat Friday with Beaumont Organic

April 24, 2015

beaumont organic
I’m a big fan of Beaumont Organic, I’m also a fan of brands, especially contemporary brands, that pride themselves in responsible production. Hannah Beaumont, owner and creative director of Beaumont Organic is trying to pave a way for fashion to have a more sustainable future.

As a Contemporary company Hannah thoroughly encourage’s the idea and lifestyle of investment buying rather than needless spending on disposable fashion. Spending a little more on quality pieces that will last a lifetime is their ethos. This encourages a more sustainable and responsible future for the world of fashion.

Beaumont’s production mainly takes place at a family run manufacturer in Porto, Portugal where good working conditions are met and workers are paid a fair wage. They have an open door policy and a transparent working environments meaning nothing is hidden, Hannah can see exactly how the factory is working to create her beautiful garments.

Beaumont Organics vision: Clean, classic and timeless shapes inspire their collections, producing easy to wear pieces that make great statements, or perfect layering pieces. Inspired by simplicity and strong women, their customer is a professional, yet worldly and creative woman who is striving for a better future for our planet.

I love Beaumont Organic because her vision is exactly what I want in a womenswear brand and I love her oversized styles! Perfection!

I had the opportunity to chat with Hannah, read on to find out more about Beaumont Organic!!!

You can buy Beaumont Organic here.

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Home Grown Books- Case Jernigan

April 23, 2015

a place to live

I have a little one that totally emerges herself in books. She loves her books so much, she sleeps with them. Edith will pick out a book for me to read to her, then insists she reads the book to me. I’m very proud to have a child that loves books.

Edith and I have recently been introduced to Home Grown Books, an independent publisher based out of New York devoted to supporting organic learning and creativity in early learning. They create books that are educationally sound enough to be used in the classroom and visually captivating enough to be displayed on the coffee table.

Their books feature artwork by emerging and established artist that will captivate the imagination of your little one. Each of their artists create books that will take your child on a visual adventure while offering an educational experience.

We had the opportunity to read one of their books A Place to Live by artist Case Jernigan. Case’s illustrations are influenced by his travels, dreams and memories to the Bronx Zoo. His book,  A Place to Live is beautifully illustrated and sparks imagination by placing everyday objects in expected places. For example,  A Tower on a Whale or A Balloon Over Land as the balloon is carrying an elephant. A Place to Live allows your child’s imagination to run wild with endless possibilities.

a_place_to_live_cover_with_hands_1024x1024 tower_upon_a_whale_1024x1024

Home Grown Books believe in caring for your child’s mind along with caring for the environment. Their board books are printed in New York with 100% recycled (min 35% post consumer) CCNB paperboard with an aqueous coating. Their paperback books are printed on 50% post consumer paper using low-VOC vegetable inks, and renewable wind-powered energy. Their book pack packaging is printed in New York on paper from managed forest using low-VOC vegetable inks and renewable wind-powered energy. Pretty impressive, huh?

I am so impressed with Home Grown Books and will definitely be purchasing some book packs for Edith! They make the best gifts for your little one. Start encouraging the love for reading with Home Grown Books!

open book

Check out Home Grown Books here!

kelly xx


Who Made Your Clothes?

April 22, 2015


fashion revolution day

Who made my clothes is a question everyone of us should be asking themselves because it’s a very important question. We often take for granted the convenience of today’s shopping culture. As a society we rarely think about the person behind the production of the garment we are wearing or about to purchase. Many of those making our clothing are not earning a fair wage and are working in horrible working conditions. This is tolerated in many developing countries because it’s the only work they can get, but this does not make it right. How are we going to change the way the fashion industry plays ball? How can we hold high-street brands accountable for their actions and the treatment of people throughout the entire supply chain process? We start asking that important question, who made my clothes?

Fashion Revolution Day started on 24 April, 2014 after the horrible Rana Plaza catastrophe in Dhaka, Bangladesh where 1133 died and 2500 were injured sewing garments of many of your high-street brands. On 24 April, every year millions from around the world join together and ask that important question, Who made my clothes? By asking this question, we are challenging the fashion industry to man up and take responsibility for its actions and to start becoming aware of the working conditions behind all the glam.

Join many of us this Friday, 24 April by taking a photo of yourself with turing your clothing inside out and holding a sign asking the question, who made my clothes. The tag on your clothing is not telling the whole story, this is why we want to be more informed and bring more awareness to the world! Instagram this photo and use the hashtag: #fash_rev and #whomademyclothes? and make sure to tag those big high street retailers. We want them to know we care!!!!!

There are many events happening all over London this Friday, check out Fashion Revolutions website for a  current list of events in your area. Get involved! Start asking questions!!!!


Off to the Farmyard

April 19, 2015

edie flowersI had the pleasure of tagging along with Edith’s nursery to the Willow’s Activity Farm  in St. Albans. I had never heard of it until the nursery had announced their outing. They had talked about it for weeks. Edith would come home everyday and talk about the animals they would see  on the farm when they go. Finally the day had arrive when her nursery along with some of us parents would ride in a big coach to Willow’s Activity Farm.

I didn’t know what to expect when I got there, but I was thoroughly impressed. There was so much to do! Edith says her favourite part was looking at the horses and the sheep! She also enjoyed the pig race as our pig, Ein-Swine won!!!! There was a cute little panto that all the kids enjoyed and of course the petting zoo area was a big hit! Because we were big group of toddlers, we didn’t get to see several parts of the farm, but I hope to take Edith again in the future so we can experience the other parts we missed.

I encourage you to check it out if you haven’t already!

xx kelly

luca:edie bus

Williow's Farm

On the fence




edie:lucs 2





lucs:edie bench

Mama Wardrobe: A Beautiful Story

April 15, 2015

A Beautiful Story

Bracelets, ahh, bracelets! They are seriously one of my favourite things ever. I’m known for having a loads around my wrist. When I was Assistant Manager at Oliver Bonas I literally bought the store out in bracelets! The OB girls will vouch for me. My all time favourite bracelets are black plastic ones from Wal-Mart. I first bought these bracelets back what, 10 years ago and every time I go home, I make my way to Wal-Mart to buy myself another batch! I love mixing my cheap plastic ones with beautiful, well-thought out bracelets like the ones from A Beautiful Story.  A Beautiful Story from the Netherlands designs beautiful charm and bead bracelets designed and handmade by women in Nepal. Owner, Cathelijne wanted to create something beautiful, but that would also help support those in need. ABS collaborates with a number of small businesses in developing countries. Their main business collaboration is Beads for Life from Nepal, a small business providing work for women allowing them to achieve financial independence. These women help design and make ABS’ beautiful knitted bracelets. These women are telling their story through their bracelet creations, making the jewellery very special.

A Beautiful Story offers a beautiful selection of bracelets, necklaces and storybooks. Their collections are meaningful and beautiful, making them the  best accessories and gifts. I’ve been working with A Beautiful Story since January and I am truly in love with the brand. When I wear their jewellery I know I’m supporting the amazing women creating it.

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Agatha Cub – Peachy Fields

April 14, 2015

agatha cub

Have you checked out Agatha Cub yet, from New York? Owner and designer, Bianca Reis, believes kidswear should be fun, practical and sophisticated all by incorporating bizarre-fun prints that kids will love. Agatha Cub designs their collection in batches and only produces for the demand and what is financial possible. This all ties in with their belief in producing all organic, sustainable clothing. Setting the bar high for other brands, Bianca’s goal is to combine organic and coolness all in one brand! And she has done just that! For a long time organic clothing has had a reputation of being boring and not trend worthy, but designers like Bianca are changing this, giving mothers the option to buy cool organic clothing! I personally love the collection and I am totally obsessed with the Pineapple Peach Button Down paired  with the Cow Mint Sweatshirt, it’s the perfect spring look!

“We want organic to be a viable and affordable option. We want to remove the stigma of organic’s beige reputation.”

— Bianca Reis, Creative Director

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Green Envy

April 13, 2015


Green Envy

This last weekend was absolutely beautiful! I had green on my mind so my family visited our local Homebase in preparation for some gardening! My husband and I worked in the garden all weekend preparing it for spring parities and barbecues. As our garden faces south, I felt like I was on holiday as the sun was so warm. Since Spring has truly arrived I felt it necessary to talk about all things green. I’m so inspired by all the beautiful blooming trees and flowers, warmth of the sun and of course all the great green fashion out there!

Happy Monday folks!

Kelly xx



Kids Spring Sandals

April 9, 2015

Kids Spring Sandlas

When looking around for sandals for Edith, I’m amazed with the vast selection of cool sandals. I could easily buy several for her just because I think they’re cute, but it’s my duty to remain practical and only purchase ones I know she’ll love! When she was a baby she wore Tip Toey Joey sandals and trainers as they are seriously the best baby shoe!!!!! Now that’s she’s older I am a hug fan of the Saltwater San-Suns! I will actually buy her a few pair of the sun-sans this summer because she wears them everyday and they are waterproof! But there are many other sandals I’m loving and I wanted to share them with you now!

Happy Spring!

kelly xx

  1. Zara Animal Print Leather Sandal
  2. Birkenstock New York Sandals
  3. Pepe Palma Coral Sandal
  4. Pom D’Api Plagette Lagon Sandal
  5. Ocra Boys Green Sandal
  6. Zara Leather Boys Flat
  7. Pepe Sula Sandal
  8. Sun-San Shark Sandals
  9. Chloe Two-Toned Sandals
  10. Tip Toey Joey Parky Shoe
  11. Tip Toey Joey Swoopy Sandal

Sandal Time!!!!

April 8, 2015

Springtime Sandals

Can you believe how gorgeous the weather has been? It’s about time! I’ve been strolling down the street in my sunnies and sandals with socks. I’m not quite brave enough yet to show off my toes as it’s still a bit chilly for my liking, but this doesn’t stop me preparing my wardrobe for the long awaited sandals! Spring minimises by getting ready time by half in the mornings. It’s so easy dressing for Spring, a lovely dress and sandals, done! My kind of dressing. Here are my top picks for Spring sandals. Schedule yourself some me time and go get yourself a pedicure so you’re ready to wear your springtime sandals!

kelly xx

  1. Maison Martin Margiela MM6 Velcro Fastening Sandals
  2. Rachel Corry Thalo Blue Sandal
  3. A Detacher Highsmith Sandal
  4. & Other Stories Raw Edge Leather Sandals
  5. Pedro Garcia Venus Sandal
  6. Zara Buckled Footbed Sandals
  7. Zara Wide Strap Leather Sandals
  8. Naya Korthay Sandal


April 7, 2015


Dolls can become a child’s best friend. I’m not sure why one soft toy or doll is better than the other, but somehow there is a connection to a certain toy for a child. My child loves a monkey called Maurice. They have been best friends since the day he was given to her as a gift and that was 2 years ago.

When giving a gift to a child I want to give them something special, a loveable that could become their very best friend. That’s why I fell in love with Studio-escargot. Sophia Smeekens designs and makes loveables for kids. Her creations are unique and are surely to be loved by a little one.

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