Mama Wardrobe: Mara Hoffman

April 1, 2015

Mara Hoffman

I love wedding season, this means only one thing, a new dress!!! Yep, I’ll take any excuse for a new dress, and a nice one at that. I have a friend’s wedding coming up in June and so I started looking around for a dress that I could wear to her wedding and to our holiday in Elba, Italy this summer. I accidentally came across the amazing Misun Maxi Dress by Mara Hoffman. I couldn’t take my eyes of the dress, it was love at first sight for me. The girls at work are probably tired of me talking about it so much, but I love the dress and in due time it will be mine and I will wear it to the wedding in June. Fingers crossed!

American designer, Mara Hoffman, is known for her exotic prints, tranquil silhouettes and fun swimwear. Each collection is influenced by personal affinity towards world travel, nature, mythology and magic. Her love for bold and beautiful prints sets her apart from any other designer out there. Though her collections are loud and statement worthy, the everyday women will find her pieces completely wearable.

I can’t wait to get my hand on a piece!

PS she designs a small kids range too!

Have a look: Mara Hoffman

Enjoy xx

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Easter Style File

March 31, 2015

easter style

Growing up, Easter was a big deal in my household. Preparations started weeks in advance, the Easter basket, Easter dinner, and let’s not forget about the Easter dress! Looking back at old photos of my sister and I, I can’t help but laugh. My mom dressed us girls in matching dresses with frilly socks, and a big bow on our head. I don’t seem to remember disliking this particular look, so I must have given some consent. Now that I have a child, I’ve decided to spare her the embarrassment of frill socks and gigantic bows, I thought I would top of her outfit with a bunny ear headband instead. Here’s to thought through outfits with a bit of class. May your Easter be filled with lots of love and great fashion!

kelly xx

Boy Outfit:

Girl Outfit:

Baby Outfit:

Mama Outfit:

Outfit Crush – Leandra Medine!

March 28, 2015

Leandra Medine

Leandra Medine, Man Repeller

This week’s outfit crush belongs to Leandra Medine from Man Repeller. Leandra is known for her distinct personal style and to many of us ladies, a style God! I can only speak for myself but I look forward to her next outfit invention. Some outfits I’m sure many of us are trying to copy (like I am right here) and other are probably left to watch in awe. When I came across Leandra’s Gap collaboration post it stopped me dead in my tracks as I could not take my eyes off her spectacular black blazer! For me, her blazer was a dream come true, my one true love, then I soon realised I would only ever be starring at the precious jacket instead of actually wearing it. This was until I had the most spectacular idea! I’d call on Lizzie at Miska Vintage in Crouch End, I’m sure she’d have something similar and guess what she did! Lizzie had a beautiful Edwardian Smoking Jacket that was just my size. Ok It’s not exactly like Leandra’s but hey, it’s close enough!

So I started piecing my outfit together: Smoking jacket, check! White button down, check! Cool bow tie kinda thing (vintage), check! Gap jeans (exact ones) check! Hiking socks, check! Trainers, not the same but love my Sam Smith’s so didn’t care, check! Sunglasses, totally forgot them as it was super cloudy in London, so not check!

Outfit Crush complete!

Stayed tuned for next week’s outfit crush

kelly xx

Vintage Smoking Jacket


Vintage Smoking Jacket


Vintage Bow Tie


Vintage Smoking Jacket


Vintage Smoking Jacket


Cool Easter Egg Ideas

March 26, 2015


Cool Easter Eggs

I love Easter! I have such fond memories of my sister and I running around the house looking for our Easter baskets, my mom use to hide our Easter Baskets. A couple nights before the big day we would decorate our eggs and then have to wait anxiously to see our grand creations sit beautifully in our done up Easter basket. My mom would dress my sister and I in immaculate matching dresses and off to church we would go. I always enjoyed the massive Easter egg hunt after church along with a lovely picnic.

Now that I have a little one I want to continue the yearly Easter tradition my mother started for my sister and I. This year my husband and I will host a lovely Easter egg hunt for Edith and her friends. It’s going to be superb!

I’ve been searching the internet/pinterest for some egg decorating inspiration and wanted to share my finds with you! Here are some great egg decoration ideas. Click on the name under the picture to take you the egg decorating instructions!

Happy egg decorating!

kelly xx

Little Egg Man

Little Egg Man

Fruit and Veggie Eggs

Fruit and Veggie Eggs

Egg Pirate and Friend

Egg Pirate and Friends

Tropical Fruit Egg

Pineapple Egg

Egg People

Egg People

Mama’s Make-up Must-haves!

March 25, 2015

make-up must haves

Make-up has never been by speciality, just ask my best friend Raeganne. She’s probably giggling right now. I’ve always avoided the subject as it’s never been a natural thing for me. But this has all changed. I’m into make-up now! I want my face to look young and luminous, especially as I’m getting older. It’s a necessity to spend a bit more time on making my face look less tired these days. I’ve spoken with friends that are knowledgeable about beauty products recently and decided to try out some new products. The result has been phenomenal! Now that I’ve spent some time discovering what’s best for my face, I’m pretty much addicted.

Here are my favourites for my face!


xx Kelly


(Starting from left to right)


(Starting from left to right)


(Starting from left to right)

Grey Ham NYC

March 24, 2015


Grey Ham NYC

Picture from Grey Ham NYC


There’s nothing better than a great t-shirt. Today t-shirts are a stable in the wardrobe. They can be worn to the office, to a dinner party, to a wedding or just lounging around the house. It’s all in how you style it. When it comes to my little one, t-shirts are a winner! When I came across Grey Ham NYC I just fell in love with the simplicity of the tee while looking so chic!

Grey Ham NYC launched in 2014 by founder Lucia Maxwell. With a love for graphic design, she wanted to create  clean and simplistic tee collection for the stylish and modern kiddo. Along with her uber cool tees, Lucia designs modern prints for the nursery. I’m just so in love with the Phases of the Moon and Sleepy Moon print! Check out her collection here and get your little one dressing très chic.

kelly xx

Monday Favourites

March 23, 2015

Favourites for mama and the kiddo

Favourites for mama and the kiddo

Mondays can either be a great new start to the week or can be a drag as yep, work is most definitely calling your name. I would like to think Mondays are a great day to set the mood for your week. So start out with positive thoughts and think how much you can accomplish this week. A great way to put a smile on my face is thinking about clothing and as Spring is slowing presenting itself, great new collections are popping up in my favourites shops. It’s been quite hard not to go absolutely mad on clothes for Edith, but I’ve reined myself in this time around and have only bought from brands I know she loves to wear. and of course Mini Rodini and Mini and Maximus are among them. For myself, I can’t wait to get my hands on Alexander Wang’s new denims over at Net-a-porter. As soon as my size is available again, you bet I’ll be buying them! Here are some of my favourites from the new spring collections

  1. Mini and Maximus Bear with It Tee and Mini and Maximus Mama Mima Leggings
  2. Adidas Superstars
  3. Yporque Rock Jacket
  4. Beau Loves XO Fin Tee
  5. Mini Rodini Mermies Leggings
  6. Le Specs Rapture Cat Eye Sunnies
  7. Zara Long Shirt
  8. Imogen and Willie The Willie Nelson Tee
  9. Veja Gold Leather Esplar
  10. Alexander Wang x Denim 003 High-Rise Boyfriend
  11. Zara Oversized Trenchcoat 
  12. Rodebjer Voulana Jacket
  13. A Beautiful Story Bracelet

I hope you have a great week and find some cute new clothes!

kelly xx

Beauty Cabinet Goodies

March 18, 2015

I’m usually not the go to gal for beauty advice. I’m usually on the search for the perfect (make me look younger) cream or a mask that can hide my tiredness, but lately I feel I’ve found some products that I want to stick around in my beauty cabinet. It really is a great feeling when you find a product that works for your skin. Yes, I am still on the lookout for a few more products or a replacement or two, but I’m confident my skin is happy with my selection so far.

What's in my beauty cabinet!

Beauty Cabinet Goodies

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Hello, Wonderful

March 17, 2015

It’s raining outside and you’ve run out of ideas for entertaining the kids! So what in the world are you suppose to do to pass the time? I’ve got the answer for you! Hello, Wonderful. Many of you have probably known about Hello, Wonderful for ages, so I may be a bit behind on this, but for those of you that haven’t, it’s gonna make your life a whole lot easier.

Hello, Wonderful is a a simple creative portal where you can easily find creative inspiration to enjoy with your kids: crafty ideas, amazing new products, quick solutions, and everyday fun. You can save your favorite ideas or share them with your friends.

Founder Agnes Hsu wanted to create a website where busy parents could go to for creative ideas for their kids. Along with other talented parents she brings parents a library of go-to projects for all ages. 
Their main goal is to spark creativity through imagination, play and fun and creating memories.
Check out Hello, Wonderful and start encouraging creativity in your kids!

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Mother’s Day Gift Guide

March 11, 2015

To all the mother’s out there, I just want to let you know, you are doing a great job! Becoming a mother has been quite a spectacular experience. Challenging but also the most rewarding. I didn’t know I could love someone as much as I love my little girl. She is my heart and soul and I would do anything for her. I now know what my mother meant, when she told me years ago how one day I would understand where she was coming from. She was right, I now know how she must have felt towards my sister and I. If your mother is close by, make sure and give her the biggest hug. And for those of you like myself that live half way across the world from their mother, give her a call and just tell her how much you love her. 
To all the beautiful mothers out there, Happy Mother’s Day!
kelly xx