It’s Time to Bundle Up!

October 5, 2015

Yep, it’s Autumn and I love it! We’ve been so lucky the last couple of weeks here in London with sunny skies and pleasurable temperatures, but unfortunately this won’t last forever. So now is the time to start looking for your Autumn coat! I’m pretty coat obsessed and can’t ever convince myself that one coat is enough for the season. I end up buying several because well, coats are just cool and there are too many amazing ones to choose from.

This season I’ve bought myself a black oversized Zara coat, the Komodo Manchu coat, Carin Wester Feather Bomber (on sale), and I’m still wearing my amazing Long Blue Whistles coat from last season. But I’m also loving House of Sunny’s Celina Coat.

mama coats

  1. Zara // 2. Plumo // 3. Zara // 4. Komodo // 5. COS // 6. Nanushka // 7. House of Sunny

For Edith, her papa and I had originally bought her the Bellerose Blue Leopard Jacket, but unfortunately Edith wasn’t keen, which I find an absolute shame as it’s an awesome jacket. So we ended up buying her a Zara jacket, which is quite cool! In my search for a jacket for Edith, I came across some beautiful coats for boys and girls. Here are my favourites below!

kids coats

  1. Zara // 2. Morely // 3. Zara // 4. Bellerose // 5. Stell McCartney // 6. C DE C // 7. Finger in the Nose // 8. Maan // 9. Zara // 10. Chloe  // 11. Little Marc Jacobs // 12. Marni

Mama Loves… A Whole Lot!

September 23, 2015

mama loves..

  1. Wood Wood Coat // 2. UNIQUE Trousers // 3. Zara Backpack // 4. Zara Beanie // 5. Zara Sunnies // 6. Weekday Jumper // 7. Topshop Boots

It’s crazy how the weeks fly by these days. I want to believe it’s because I’m busy and not because I’m getting old. It’s Wednesday and I still can’t believe it! I had my last day at the womenswear agency I worked at last Thursday and to be honest I have hit the ground running with a new project I am working on. More details later, I promise, a little hint, yes it’s still fashion related!

I went into town this week and actually had a chance to try on a few things, I never get to do that. I usually order online, but recently I haven’t wanted to order online, I want to try on things again. I tried on a beautiful pair of the Mason Cropped Trouser by Unique. Instantly fell in love, but unfortunately the sizing was all wrong for me, sad face, literally and now I have realised they are all sold out! No!!!!! As I am still thinking about them, I built an outfit based around these trousers, if I had them and you bet I will find them, someday, somewhere. But if you do have any idea where I can get myself a pair, please please let me know. Many thanks in advance.

The second outfit, I built around the amazing Alicia Beaumont Organic Dress I have and the Carin Wester jacket I am still waiting to receive in the mail! I am a trainer kind of gal these days, so any chance I get to wear a pair I will and I will build my outfit around wearing them!

mama loves 2

  1. Beaumont Organic Dress // 2. Topshop Backpack // 3. Zara Beanie // 4. Carin Wester Coat // 5. Vans SK8-HI // 6. Topshop Socks

When I first moved to the UK, I declared that I did not wear trainers, I was a heel kind of gal, but this all changed when I realised walking around London all day in heels was seriously not practical. So I became a trainer girl and have been every since.

So with all this said, I hope you enjoy my two outfits I am loving this week!

Happy Hump Day! It can only get better from here!

kelly xx

Press It Up!

September 22, 2015


It’s that time of year again, Press Days! All of us mama bloggers anxious to see what the PR firms have up their sleeve. I had the great joy of attending Alegre Media’s Press Day last week. Kate Hill and Charli Hooper, originally from Circus Pr, decided to venture out on their own and start their own Pr firm, Alegre Media, and they have done a very good job.

set up

Representing brands such as: Molo, Loud Apparel, Salt-Water Sandals, Beanie and Bear and working alongside The Feathered Kids Agency, they have hit the ground running.

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Outfit Round-Up

September 17, 2015

12002228_1006600436058311_7836902260272563901_nBeaumont Organic Leigh Shirt // Gap Skinny High-Rise // All Saints Bonny Boots (old) // Kara Leather Backpack // Monki Hat

Well, yes, I’ve been silent for a couple of weeks as I’ve been just enjoying life, working on a new project and finishing my job at the womenswear agency I have been working for. I’ve decided to make some changes in my life. The thing is, I haven’t been as happy as I would like to be and I think it’s about time to change this. I’ve been talking about working a new project for a while and I’ve finally decided to take the scary step and do it! I’ll share more in the future about it when it’s really under way but in the meantime I’m gonna share with you my most recent outfits.

I really enjoy dressing up or down in my style world and I’ve decided to start incorporating my daily outfits into the blog. Now that I will be working from home again, I hope to be able to attend more to my outfit posts. Stay posted.

Happy Thursday!

kelly xx

11953177_1001242666594088_434123229506222310_nBeaumont Organic Jumper // Zara Skirt (old) // Free People Boots

11227035_1008256725892682_5179292766891845202_nHouse of Sunny Trench // Topshop Sweat // Topshop Jamie Jeans // Adidas // Monki Hat

14 septemberWhistles Dress (bought in the sale) // Trench Waistcoat (similar here) // ASOS Boots (old) Designer ones here

me 11 septCarlotta Actis Barone Jumper // Zara Denim Skirt // H&M Flatform Boots (designer ones here)

11988374_1000700876648267_3058860638909266672_nBeaumont Organic Dress // BB Dakota Coat // Adidas // Zara Scarf (similar here)

zoo day 2Beaumont Organic Dress // Adidas and Edith is wearing her new Mini Rodini Leggings

Autumn Loves…

September 2, 2015

aw wishlist

(starting left to right) Gail Sweater Dress // Hope News Trousers // Topshop Girlfriend Jeans // Black Crane Dress // House of Sunny Oversized Jumper // All Saints Jumper // Wood Wood Jumper // Joaquin Jacket // Sol-Sana Leo Boots

Well folks, I think it’s safe to say summer has left the building!!! I know, it’s truly heartbreaking as everywhere else in the world is still 30 degrees, but this beautiful place called England, really doesn’t care. So instead of complaining like I normally do, I’ve decided to look on the bright side and think about my autumn wardrobe.

Now  in all honesty, autumn is my favourite season. I love the smell and the crispness of the morning air. It brings all kind of excitement. Beautiful autumn leaves, chilly walks in the Heath and of course, a fall wardrobe. I’m looking forward to some oversized jumpers, a great pair of black ankle boots and a warm coat!

With my excitement about the season changing, I put a little autumn wishlist together!


kelly xx

Gelato Heaven!

August 27, 2015

kelly ice 1

I’m not gonna lie, I should be living in a warm tropical climate. It’s in my blood. I’m the happiest in the sun! Forget this rainy weather bull crap that England presents us with. I find it a bit too overrated, but until we are able to move away to a nice sunny place, holidays will do just fine for now. My husband and I had the amazing pleasure of meeting our closest friends in Elba, Italy! All 14 of us headed to Elba from all over the world (Hong Kong, Germany, Abi Dabi, England, Paris) yes we are quite an international crowd, to spend  7 relaxing days soaking up the sun and eating lots of gelato! Let me just say it was amazing! The setting was beautiful, the company was fun, and the food was yummy. All of us are quite foodies, so each night was a feast fit for a king or my tummy!

The great thing about our group of friends, is it’s easy. We all get along so well and everyone can literally just sitting around and drink beer play cards, listening to music and just hang out. We’re not a high-mainance crowd, so the trip was seriously relaxing!

I have to be honest, I didn’t want to leave. I thought to myself I could totally get use to this lifestyle, sun, stress-free environment, hell, I could even work from Elba, I just need my computer. Maybe I would even be a bit more productive. Well, needless to say, I had an amazing time. Here some pictures to prove it!

Here are only some of the photos I have. I will post more of our beach pictures. Cause we had some amazing beach time!!!!


kelly xx

On the way to the Island from Piombino


4 of us


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August 26, 2015


Triangular, circular, and square. Designers and previous architects of Motoreta, Cristina Lopez-Largo and Maria Llerena found inspitation in geometrical shapes, lines and basic forms. With the connection between colour and shape, they experimented with these elements as if they were in the School of Art and Architecture making several references to Bauhaus artists: Kandinsky, Klee and Batz. “Fashion follows function: let’s honour functionality with beauty. It both pleases the eye and captures a child’s mind,” Motoreta.

Check out Motoreta’s amazing collection here:



DOUUOD = Elegance

August 25, 2015


Comfortable, refined, casual and authentic, this is the motto of DOUUOD kids. Designed and made in Italy by Elisabetta Mambelli, it’s a kids collection that resonates class, quality, and of course practicality. DOUUOD Kids’ collections are pure and full of honest emotions. Neutral colors identify the brand and its elegance, while keeping the collection contemporary. But you will find some wearable avant-garde pieces perfect for any occasion.

I’ve been a fan of DOUUOD for some time now and have dressed Edith in the brand. I love the brand for their simple, chic pieces that look great mixed and matched with other brands. I love the beautiful muted colours throughout the collection and I am so excited for the AW 15 collection!

Check out their beautiful collection hereDOUUOD_0415_10_018 DOUUOD_0415_11_002 DOUUOD_0415_06_127 DOUUOD_0415_05_046 DOUUOD_0415_04_042 DOUUOD_0415_03_001 DOUUOD_0415_12_011

The Dark

August 22, 2015

7.Beau LOves.. 'The Dark' AW15

Who here was afraid of the dark when they were little? I’m sure most of us can raise our hands to this one! This season Faye Wilde, designer of Beau Loves brings the dark to life in a fun and exciting way in her new AW 15/16 collection. Incorporating her trademark mask design, you’ll find oversized dresses, cool bomber jackets and mickey mouse ear hats. Now you’re kids will love the dark!

Check out her fabulous collection here.

Pictures taken by the fabulous Flannery o’Kafka

6.Beau LOves.. 'The Dark' AW15 5.Beau LOves.. 'The Dark' AW15 4.Beau LOves.. 'The Dark' AW15 3.Beau LOves.. 'The Dark' AW15 2.Beau LOves.. 'The Dark' AW15 1.Beau LOves.. 'The Dark' AW15

Finding My Style

August 21, 2015

kelly pisa

Style, it’s a personal thing, but for some of us it’s taken awhile to find our personal style. And I’vI think I’ve finally found it. Growing up I experimented with every style possible. I had my goth phase and my 70’s bell bottom phase and my grunge phase and the list goes on and on. I think it was good for me to try all these different styles so I could get a feel for what truly fit my personality.

I’ve aspired for a chic, minimalistic style for a while now and I never really got it, but now I think I have accomplished it in my own certain way. Yes their are amazing stylish women out there that dress way better than I do, but I’ve had to learn to just be me and dress in what makes me feel good. Of course, there are beautiful pieces out there in which I would love to dress myself in, that would make me feel way better about myself, like for instance the new Maison Marginal Swiss-dot Tulle Apron Dress that I am coveting over, but until I become a very rich mama, I will have to find substitutes. So in the meantime, here are some of my recent outfits.


kelly xx

black coatDuster Coat by House Of Sunny
whistles dressLongline Shirt Dress by Whistles

zara shirt

Zara Long Shirt, Cheap Monday Omega jeans, Black Arizona Birkenstocksvolate dress 2Kowtow Volute Dress, Fessura Cork Wedge


Monki Milly Hat, Caelyn Oversized Linen Coat by BB Dakota , Stripe Tee by Topshop (similar one here), High-waisted jeans by Gap, Naya Wedges from Anthropologie (sold out), Karen Walker Perfect Day Sunnies (sold out, similar here)


IMG_4115Zara Short Sleeve Dress, Adidas Gazelle in Navy, Karen Walker SunniesIMG_4113

Same as before, Black Ruana Cape from Urban Outfitters11870790_987645024620519_3412187555430913649_n

BCBG Blazer (old), Vintage Levi’s, Sheer top (from discount shop), Sandals from Target11751886_10153412703993555_1789849984525175627_nCrop Vest from Akira in Chicago, Silk Skirt from designer shop in Chicago, Hat from TJ Maxx

20 august

Zara Ear Hat, Obey Tee from Urban Outfitters, Topshop Skirt, All Saints Bonny Boots (old)kelly 1