It’s Been Busy!

May 14, 2015

pale 3

As you can probably see, I’ve been a bit silent this last week, well it’s because I have been running around like an absolute mad man! I have the Sense Organics SS 16 photo shoot coming up this week and I have been preparing like crazy, so when the lookbook comes out, you’ll really love it!!!!

Then on Saturday Edith and I did a mini photo shoot for Leggsington Leggings! Leggings for you hot mamas and your cool kids. And then on Sunday I ran the Hackney Half-Marathon and ran my little heart out.

Edith and I take off to the States for two and a half weeks next Monday and all I can say is I can’t wait to get away and see my family! It’s been too long.

So I wanted to share some photos of my busy week with you!


Kelly xx

Sense Organics SS 16 photo shoot inspiration boards: I’ve been crafting my little heart out this week and I just love it! I wish I could do this all the time! Anyone need a stylist?


Leggsington Photo shoot: Here are a few cute photos of Edith and I! Check out Leggsington right here:

denim 1 frozen 2 grey spots 2

And some lovely photos from my Half-Marathon! I ran the Hackney Half in 2 hours and 3 mins! Couldn’t be more proud of myself! 

kelly 1 kelly 2


photo 2

Petit Tribe- Luxury for the Little Ones

May 9, 2015

petit tribe


I rocked up at the Circus London Pr Press Event with high hopes of finding a few new brands and that I did. When I first walked in to the showroom my eyes fell upon a rail of some seriously beautiful garments. The colours were so vibrant and the patterns so rich. I fell in love, that’s all I have to say. I fell in love with Petit Tribe, a luxury clothing brand for our little beauties.

Luxury clothing for kids, I’ve always admired it but never really bought into it as Edith was way too small for such beautiful garments, but now as she’s getting older, I wouldn’t mind buying her a gorgeous piece of clothing. So I might start with Petit Tribe.

Petit Tribe is a new fashion childrenswear brand founded by Olatoun Jolaoso. Her range is designed for children 0-12 years who are curious, bold and fun loving- the little explorer!  They celebrate bold prints, dazzling colours and seamlessly fuse African inspiration with contemporary styling. Their pieces are bold, vibrant and easy to wear.       



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I’m in love with East End Highlanders

May 8, 2015


East End Highlanders

Before I had Edith, I really wanted a little boy, so I could dress him up in cool clothes. I have always found boys clothing quite boring, but I wanted to change all that and show mamas you can dress your boys quite cool. I’m so glad to have a girl, but If I had a boy, I would dress him in East End Highlanders. I absolutely love the sophisticated casual look. Throw in some suspenders and my heart melts!

East End Highlanders specialise in shirts with class. Their shirts are designed so you can suit them up or dress them down. Their focus on comfort and finish led them to fine domestic sewing; single needle stitching and characteristic details such as European darts and split yoke.
By applying thin interlining to the collar band which snaps into shape when tied, they have
achieved a casual outfit with a natural feel to it.


Their collections are carefully made with artisanal technique by factories each specialising in their own field, from villages across Japan. Just to name a few; ties are made in Nishijin-Kyoto famous for Japanese traditional woven Kimono fabrics, shirts are made in Kojima-Okayama famous for Japanese denims and indigo fabrics, knitwears are made in Osaka famous for high technique knitting machine, and more.

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Mama, B is for Brave

May 6, 2015


B is for Brave

I’m not gonna lie, I’m exhausted. Being a mother is rewarding but also very exhausting. There are some days I wish I could transport myself to a sunny beach somewhere all by myself just so I can have a little breather and have a little time to myself and yes get some sun!

I’m an expert at over loading myself with things to do and right now it’s caught up with me. Today I had to sit on the couch after I finally got Edith to bed and allow myself a little cry, I really needed to cleanse my soul. I am my worst critic, I’m never satisfied with myself, I’m constantly striving to be better and to find that one thing/one project/one idea that I can truly immerse myself. I feel that I have been procrastinating on what I really want to do with myself, my life. I guess it’s self doubt or hoping I would find a creative partner in crime, but now I’ve realised I’m not getting any younger and it’s time to bite the bullet and go for it. I’m not sure how it’s going to happen, but it’s the first step that’s the hardest and if I can just take that first step then I’m heading somewhere.

So to all you mama’s out there that are scare to go for your dream, well now’s the time, cause you know what, there is never going to be a perfect time. B is for Brave and that’s what we are.

Enjoy your Wednesday!

kelly xx

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Some Lovely Weekend Finds

May 2, 2015



With all the Spring/Summer collection pretty much out now, I’ve realised there are some many beautiful things to look at or even buy!!!! Recently, I’ve change by buying habits, because we all know I love to shop!!!! I’ve finally realised that quality is better than quantity. Seriously, what’s the point of having a closet full of clothes you never wear! Now I buy more expensive items, but fewer pieces. Yes, I still buy a few high-street pieces as it’s fun to mix things up a bit. As for Edith’s clothes, I buy from shops I love and want to support. Mainly, my local shops like      Niddle Noddle and Notsobig and my fav online shops: Scandimini, Cissy Wears, Orfeo and Lil’ Beans.  There are many many more shops, but these are the shops that get most of my income each month! Here are some lovely weekend finds! I hope you enjoy the bank holiday weekend and take advantage of all the mid-season sales!!


Little Ladies

Little Lads

Circus London PR Press Day

April 30, 2015

Circus London PR

I just love attending Circus London PR Press Days! I walk into Vida’s Kids showroom and here I am surrounded by the coolest kids brands around! It’s seriously heaven. I’m very familiar with Vida Kid’s showroom, when I had my kidswear shop, we spent a lot of time in there. They had great brands then, but they have even more great brands now! It’s so so great to finally have a Kids PR Agency working along these brands to bring us bloggers and fashionable mama’s out there the latest and greatest from the kidswear industry.

I had the pleasure of seeing the new collections from:

Here are some photos of the event!

If you have a brand and are looking for a great kids pr company, Circus London PR is your answer! Get in touch with them! Such a great group of gals!

Vida Kids Agency


Kelly xx


CPR 23




CPR 19 CPR 14 CPR 13


Chit Chat Friday with Beaumont Organic

April 24, 2015

beaumont organic
I’m a big fan of Beaumont Organic, I’m also a fan of brands, especially contemporary brands, that pride themselves in responsible production. Hannah Beaumont, owner and creative director of Beaumont Organic is trying to pave a way for fashion to have a more sustainable future.

As a Contemporary company Hannah thoroughly encourage’s the idea and lifestyle of investment buying rather than needless spending on disposable fashion. Spending a little more on quality pieces that will last a lifetime is their ethos. This encourages a more sustainable and responsible future for the world of fashion.

Beaumont’s production mainly takes place at a family run manufacturer in Porto, Portugal where good working conditions are met and workers are paid a fair wage. They have an open door policy and a transparent working environments meaning nothing is hidden, Hannah can see exactly how the factory is working to create her beautiful garments.

Beaumont Organics vision: Clean, classic and timeless shapes inspire their collections, producing easy to wear pieces that make great statements, or perfect layering pieces. Inspired by simplicity and strong women, their customer is a professional, yet worldly and creative woman who is striving for a better future for our planet.

I love Beaumont Organic because her vision is exactly what I want in a womenswear brand and I love her oversized styles! Perfection!

I had the opportunity to chat with Hannah, read on to find out more about Beaumont Organic!!!

You can buy Beaumont Organic here.

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Home Grown Books- Case Jernigan

April 23, 2015

a place to live

I have a little one that totally emerges herself in books. She loves her books so much, she sleeps with them. Edith will pick out a book for me to read to her, then insists she reads the book to me. I’m very proud to have a child that loves books.

Edith and I have recently been introduced to Home Grown Books, an independent publisher based out of New York devoted to supporting organic learning and creativity in early learning. They create books that are educationally sound enough to be used in the classroom and visually captivating enough to be displayed on the coffee table.

Their books feature artwork by emerging and established artist that will captivate the imagination of your little one. Each of their artists create books that will take your child on a visual adventure while offering an educational experience.

We had the opportunity to read one of their books A Place to Live by artist Case Jernigan. Case’s illustrations are influenced by his travels, dreams and memories to the Bronx Zoo. His book,  A Place to Live is beautifully illustrated and sparks imagination by placing everyday objects in expected places. For example,  A Tower on a Whale or A Balloon Over Land as the balloon is carrying an elephant. A Place to Live allows your child’s imagination to run wild with endless possibilities.

a_place_to_live_cover_with_hands_1024x1024 tower_upon_a_whale_1024x1024

Home Grown Books believe in caring for your child’s mind along with caring for the environment. Their board books are printed in New York with 100% recycled (min 35% post consumer) CCNB paperboard with an aqueous coating. Their paperback books are printed on 50% post consumer paper using low-VOC vegetable inks, and renewable wind-powered energy. Their book pack packaging is printed in New York on paper from managed forest using low-VOC vegetable inks and renewable wind-powered energy. Pretty impressive, huh?

I am so impressed with Home Grown Books and will definitely be purchasing some book packs for Edith! They make the best gifts for your little one. Start encouraging the love for reading with Home Grown Books!

open book

Check out Home Grown Books here!

kelly xx


Who Made Your Clothes?

April 22, 2015


fashion revolution day

Who made my clothes is a question everyone of us should be asking themselves because it’s a very important question. We often take for granted the convenience of today’s shopping culture. As a society we rarely think about the person behind the production of the garment we are wearing or about to purchase. Many of those making our clothing are not earning a fair wage and are working in horrible working conditions. This is tolerated in many developing countries because it’s the only work they can get, but this does not make it right. How are we going to change the way the fashion industry plays ball? How can we hold high-street brands accountable for their actions and the treatment of people throughout the entire supply chain process? We start asking that important question, who made my clothes?

Fashion Revolution Day started on 24 April, 2014 after the horrible Rana Plaza catastrophe in Dhaka, Bangladesh where 1133 died and 2500 were injured sewing garments of many of your high-street brands. On 24 April, every year millions from around the world join together and ask that important question, Who made my clothes? By asking this question, we are challenging the fashion industry to man up and take responsibility for its actions and to start becoming aware of the working conditions behind all the glam.

Join many of us this Friday, 24 April by taking a photo of yourself with turing your clothing inside out and holding a sign asking the question, who made my clothes. The tag on your clothing is not telling the whole story, this is why we want to be more informed and bring more awareness to the world! Instagram this photo and use the hashtag: #fash_rev and #whomademyclothes? and make sure to tag those big high street retailers. We want them to know we care!!!!!

There are many events happening all over London this Friday, check out Fashion Revolutions website for a  current list of events in your area. Get involved! Start asking questions!!!!